CANNAhealNOW is three-part organization devoted to medical marijuana education.

Medical Professional Seminars:  Facilitating medical marijuana conferences for professionals, taught by the top researchers and scientists with clearly documented studies in their areas of expertise.  CME’s available.

Cannabis 101 Classes:  Education to the general public, Cannabis 101 course is basic information making it easy for patients and caregivers to understand why the medicine works, who it is applicable to, and how to legally obtain it.

Private Consultation:  Personalized one-on-one consultations help individuals to determine a plan of action to aid them in their healing process.

Canna Heal Now: As patients in this country become familiar with the possibilities of the medicinal use of marijuana, health practitioners are recognizing the need for scientific data and information to add to their knowledge base.

This course discusses the medicinal uses of cannabis for managing illness. We will address your concerns and curiosities about cannabis as a medicine and how it may apply to you. CLICK HERE for topics discussed.

As a caregiver, patient, and cancer survivor, Sarara offers counsel on alternative ways to deal with chronic and life-threatening illnesses. Cannabis medicine options will be discussed.