About Us

Sarara Corva, Medical Marijuana Education Expert, has been active in alternative health and non-traditional healing modalities for many years.  She has been involved in and gaining expertise in all aspects of the marijuana industry, with a passionate emphasis on marijuana as medicine, since 2010.

In 2011 she had breast cancer and through a variety of alternative healing modalities and competent holistic practitioners, she cured herself.  She then became committed to sharing information with others interested in learning different ways to do the same. She founded a non-profit organization in 2011 called, iCANhealNOW Foundation, with the mission of assisting people to understand their healing choices.

​Sarara conducts holistic healing consultations, mainly with cancer patients, to support them in determining an integrative approach to their treatments. Sarara believes in and understands the curative powers of Cannabis as one of many options a patient might use for their healing.

​One of Sarara’s areas of interest is in Cannabis education.  In 2012 she established CANNAhealNOW, which is devoted to educating people on the medicinal uses of Cannabis.  She provides private consultations to individuals, public education seminars called “Cannabis 101” for patients and potential patients, and high level CME medical conferences for professionals.

​She co-organized the medical education conference called Marijuana for Medical Professionals  www.marijuanaformedicalprofessionals.com.  She was also a speaker at that conference covering the subject of “Overcoming Marijuana Stigmas”.

The conference objectives include educating MD’s and other medical professionals on the science, the current research of medicinal uses of Cannabis and how they as professional practitioners, can participate in the growing

acceptance of the medicine. This is a CME certified conference, allowing medical professionals to gain continuing medical education credits.

​Through clinical data and solid science implemented worldwide for over 50 years, this course educated front-line medics to the value of medical marijuana and how to work with patients. This conference was historical, bringing together the best minds in Cannabis research fields.

Sarara is co-host of Jimmy’s Joints, a radio talk show that gives a common sense approach to cannabis.

​Sarara’s goal is to make available valuable scientific information to interested parties in all walks of life, providing greater awareness of this ancient and cutting edge medicine.

Jim Carberry has a unique relationship with the Cannabis industry spanning over 30 years.

He has been intimately involved as a patient, activist and educator.  Diagnosed with glaucoma in his 30’s Jim has a unique relationship with the Cannabis industry spanning over 30 years. He has been intimately involved as a patient, activist and educator.  Diagnosed with glaucoma in his 30’s Jim discovered Cannabis medicine as the most effective way to manage his condition and prevent blindness. He helps thousands of people understand the value of the medicine, both publicly and in private consultation.

He is a speaker in US and Europe as patient advocate “Glaucoma Jim”.

Jim is a Co-Founder of Compassionate Caregivers.  Coming from a patient’s perspective, he realized how important it is to have access to quality medicine from knowledgeable staff in a clean safe environment. 
As Dispensary Director he was responsible for all aspects of the dispensary business from design through operations, staff hiring and training, media, promotions and marketing. He helped to open dispensaries, personally training over 150 retail sales personnel and over 100 other employees of all positions. 

As an innovator in dispensary development he opened and managed the first dispensary in Southern California, the Yellow House, which he developed to a patient base of over 100,000 people from 2004-2006.

Many years of attending and participating at conferences


and Cannabis events has given Jim the honor of being a High Times Cannabis Judge multiple times both in the U.S. and Europe.

Jimmy is host of Jimmy’s Joints, a radio talk show that gives a common sense approach to cannabis.

He has decades of experience in the production, design, promotion and distribution of products in the Glass Paraphernalia Industry. In this capacity he worked the national trade shows for 25+ years, marketing and promoting.

Tashira Parham is a well-rounded professional nurse whose background reflects diversity in her practices. Tashira’s quest for experience and knowledge in the beginning years of her nursing career has given her the opportunity to work in many different fields of nursing. Her extensive work history ranges from infants, geriatrics, acute care, corrections, mental and behavioral health, home health and hospice. Before accepting her calling as a natural born healer, she served 4 years in the Unites States Air Force where she also completed a tour in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Upon completion of her enlistment, Tashira knew it was time to fulfill her passion in healing and medicine.

In 2013 Tashira worked for a Naturopathic Doctor in a post acute rehabilitation facility who prescribed medicinal cannabis as treatment and palliative care for 80% of his patients. It was that very experience that inspired her to further explore, and learn about medical marijuana and its many indications for medical use. She attended multiple cannabis workshops and conventions to include a cannabis growing and cooking courses.  After much research and study Tashira decided to incorporate medical cannabis into her nursing services.  Tashira is a proud member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association and the founder of SHI, LLC,  a private cannabis nursing consulting company.

After learning and witnessing the profound results of medical marijuana in patients with chronic illnesses, Tashira wanted to create something that provided cannabis patients with continuous education on medical marijuana and its uses for their specific condition as well as follow up care ensuring that maximum results are

achieved. Tashira is truly passionate about taking a holistic approach to medicine and health, whether she is consulting or training; her ultimate goal is that every individual will take the information imparted and instill positive changes in their own environment.  SHI, LLC was created to assist clients with reaching their optimal health through the proper use of cannabis therapy through education and advocacy.