Arizona’s Government Agency that issues cards:

The Best Marihuana Documentary      You Tube  (This is the correct spelling for this video)

​What if Cannabis Cured Cancer?  Very interesting documentary movie!

“Weed”   and   “Weed 2”   You Tube – CNN    Dr. Sanjay Gupta Medical News Correspondent for CNN.   A MUST watch!

​Prescribed Grass video.   Cannabis medicine in Israel, Zach Klein​

CBD medicine Projects:

Cannabis as medicine:

Cannabinoid information:

Cannabinoids: Potential anti-cancer agents:

One of the best, documented medicinal websites.   Check specific conditions!

Americans for Safe Access​

Team Hemp House.  The Multiple Uses of Hemp    http:///

Marijuana Policy Project

National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

Video for Seniors Using Marijuana Medicinally

“How and Why Cannabis Cures Cancer” Doctors: Malmeade, Hergenrather, Guzman, Grinspoon and Tashkin​​​

​​The Science of Medical Marijuana


“The Benefits of Marijuana”   Book   Joan Bello

“The Pot Book”     Julie Holland M.D

“Is Marijuana the Best Medicine for You?”  Book by Bill Zimmerman​