Medical Professional Seminars

With information so readily available on the Internet and the widespread new acceptance of cannabis as medicine, medical professionals are confronted with an uncomfortable learning gap. Our seminars address a physician’s interest in learning the basics of how this medicine works so as to provide quality care to their patients who or opting to use marijuana as part of their healing opportunity.

Taught by researchers and scientists who have been studying cannabis as medicine for decades, our seminars provide the highest level of cannabis education available.

Each qualified educator will provide numerous documented case studies.

Licensed practitioners will earn CME’s (Continuing Medical Education credits) for their attendance.
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  • History of marijuana as medicine
  • The Endocannabinoid System (ECS)
  • Dynamics of why the body responds to this medicine
  • Marijuana for specific conditions
  • Dosage information
  • Delivery systems
  • Non-psychoactive options.